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Did you contribute to the campaign of John Joseph Kennedy?

John Joseph Kennedy ButtonA lot of people did.

John Joseph Kennedy ran for President of the United States in 2004 and again in 2008. John Joseph Kennedy held quite a few fundraisers and raised a substantial amount of money. Some of these donations came in the form of services or paying for services directly such as web development and websites, airline tickets, accommodations, food, travel expenses, etc.

John Joseph Kennedy Tea Parties

The most infamous (and notorious) of these fund raisers were the Tea Parties. fashioned after the Rose Kennedy Ladies Tea Parties to raise money for her son's presidential campaign, John Joseph Kennedy would impersonate a "Kennedy" and con them into throwing a tea party fundraiser, inviting all their friends and associates. Claiming to be related to the Kennedy's of Massachusetts, John Joseph Kennedy would sign tea cups in exchange for donations for his New Humanity and/or Presidential Campaign.  See Invitation below.

John Joseph Kennedy Tea Party Fraud
A Gathering for John Joseph Kennedy - "Tea with Kennedy!" (no. 6)
For the Campaign for the New Humanity - Puyallup, Washington

Dear Friends,

Presidential Candidate and International Award-Winning Speaker and Author, The Hon. John Joseph Kennedy is currently traveling and speaking about his new humanitarian and environmental NOW campaign: The Campaign For The New Humanity! He is being hosted at special gatherings in the Pacific Northwest this month and next and you, your family and friends are invited to meet John Joseph Kennedy and hear his profound and inspiring speech, "The New Humanity". There is no charge for this event, however, if you would like to make a offering the night of the event to cover expenses, that will be greatly appreciated. Or if you cannot attend, and would like to make a donation (gift) now, please click on the link at the bottom of this email.

The next event will be on Thursday, October 27th @ 7PM.
The Liberty Theater 116 West Main St. Puyallup, WA 98371
Please bring your favorite Tea Cup for Mr. Kennedy to autograph!
RSVP: or (253) 826-2375

Thank you and Blessings
John Joseph Kennedy bad makeup shotEach of these donations were to be documented and submitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) along with complete disclosures of any additional incomes from other sources such as raising money (selling stock) for other projects (Whale Magic Project) or earnings from a job.  John Joseph Kennedy never reported any of it.
Below is a reproduction of's report for John Joseph Kennedy. It clearly states that Kennedy never documented or reported any donations to the FEC. According to the FEC, he has not disclosed any financial information.

I am proud to say that because of this web site, six complaints have been filed against John Joseph Kennedy. Hopefully, the FEC will bring charges against him paving the way for real, more deserving candidates in 2012. I will update this page should we hear official statement from the FEC or if federal charges are brought against him.

If you made a donation to John Joseph Kennedy's Presidential Campaign, I invite you to visit the FEC web site and file a complaint. Should you need assistance, I have a template you can use and will e-mail to you with instructions on how to file. Just e-mail your request to

John Joseph Kennedy Campaign Funds

(Click on link to see actual report)

John Joseph Kennedy
United States Presidency
Political Campaign Contributions
Campaign Finance Information
'08 Election Cycle

Candidate Information
Candidate Name John Joseph Kennedy
Contributions Received
$0 Total Money Receipts
$0 From Individuals
(Amounts over $200)
$0 From Political Action Committees
$0 From Indian Tribes
$0 Self-Funded
Office Running For United States Presidency
Party Democrat
Election Year '08
Campaign Address 1100 HAMMOND DRIVE SUITE 410-A
ATLANTA, GA  30328
Candidate Committee John Joseph Kennedy For President 2008 (Friends Of Jjk)

Campaign Contribution Totals/Summary
Category $ Dollar Amount
Cash on Hand not reported
Total Money Receipts not reported
Total Individual Contributions not reported
Total Disbursements not reported
Loans From Candidate not reported
Other Loans not reported
Candidate Loan Repayments not reported
Debts Owed By not reported
Refunds to Individuals not reported
Refunds to Committees not reported
Contributions from Other Political Committees not reported
Contributions from Party Committees not reported

Contributions From Individuals by State (contribution amounts of $200 or more)
State Contribution
$ Amount
of Total
None Yet Reported/Available

Contributions From Poltical Action Committees
Committee Interest Group Type Contribution
$ Amount
of Total
None Yet Reported/Available

Contributions From Indian Tribes
Indian Tribe/
$ Amount
None Yet Reported/Available

Top 150 Donors/Individual Financial Contributors (contribution amounts of $200 or more)

$ Amount
None Yet Reported/Available

John Joseph Kennedy Presidential Campaign Headquarters

A document was recently found by someone looking for John Joseph Kennedy. The document confirms the write-in candidates having met the requirements for the state of California. Although, John Joseph Kennedy did not meet the requirements in all 50 states, he managed to meet requirements in several states in order to convince people to contribute to a fraudulent campaign.


The document lists John Joseph Kennedy and an address of either his home, business or campaign headquarters.

3601 N. DESERT DR.
BUSINESS: (404) 759-2267

Someone did a little research on this address and it turns out that this was a "Comfort Inn" near the airport in Atlanta. The small motel has changed ownership many times over the years but continues to keep records of past guests. Especially ones than run out without paying. It turns out that John Joseph Kennedy ran out on a pretty hefty bill but it doesn't stop there. Because this is Mr. Kennedy's official address, quite a few people have called the motel inquiring to his whereabouts. They seem to know more about him than we do and they sure gave us an earful.

Update:  It is now owned by Marriot. Click here to see Google maps

John Joseph Kennedy Write-In Presidential Candidate

John Joseph Kennedy for President

John Joseph Kennedy claimed to be a presidential candidate ... a write-in presidential candidate.  According to the Federal guideline anyone can be a Write-In Presidential Candidate and anyone can vote for him simply by writing in the candidates name through a special procedure at any voting booth.  In order to receive donations in any state, you must be registered in that state as a write in candidate.  In addition, you must be set up as a political organization (for tax purposes) and establish a financial presence.

John Joseph Kennedy did register as a candidate in several states, Washington not being one of them.  The great state Washington gave John a lot of money, none of which is recorded.

In 2004, John Joseph Kennedy was not allowed to run as a democrat and tried to create his own party while in 2008 he was once again denied a democrat status and was threatened with an investigation into his practices at which time John quickly and cleverly withdrew his campaign on the bases that he was not allowed to debate with the more serious democratic candidates.

During his campaign he made the following claims:

John Joseph Kennedy blamed President Bush and "his family" for natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. He said they "manipulated the elements of nature" to wreak havoc on the environment. He also said he would stop them.

John Joseph Kennedy claimed his cousin "John Hand Kennedy" along with President Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing back in their Arkansas days.

After being confronted about being the cousin of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, John Joseph Kennedy then claimed he was related to a "branch of the Kennedy family" being the "first Kennedy's in American politics". He claimed his great grandfather, Michael Francis Kennedy served in the U.S. House of Representatives.  This was to be not only not true but it turned out he wasn't even related to the man in question.

If you contributed to John Joseph Kennedy's campaign, I invite you to contact the FEC and file a complaint.  The Federal Election Commission has been investigating John Joseph Kennedy but charges have never be files due to a lack of receipts.

Anyone can run for President.

Here's the facts

The qualifications for President of the United States are set forth in the U.S. Constitution. A candidate for president must be 35 years old and a natural born citizen of the United States. There are two ways to run as a candidate in Massachusetts: as a party candidate in the presidential primary, or as a non-party candidate directly in the November election.

Presidential Primary

Party candidates for president may run in the presidential primary. The next presidential primary is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, February 5, 2008. At the presidential primary, voters select a candidate to represent their party for president at the November presidential election.

There are three ways for the names of presidential candidates to be placed on the presidential primary ballot:

Candidates may file nomination papers with at least 2,500 certified signatures. For primary ballot placement, signatures of at least 2,500 voters must be certified by local election officials and subsequently filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth.*

The Secretary of the Commonwealth may place candidates on the ballot who have been generally advocated or recognized in the national news media.

The chairperson of each party’s state committee may designate names to be listed.

The presidential primary ballot also includes a “No Preference” choice and a write-in space to indicate presidential preference.

General Election

In the General Election in November, other candidates, not running as party candidates, may run under a political designation (of up to three words) or without any designation. Such non-party candidates run against those candidates nominated by the party state committees. Non-party candidates must circulate nomination papers to get their names on the ballot.

A non-party candidate seeking to have his or her name placed on the ballot must obtain at least 10,000 certified signatures on such nomination papers. These papers must include the names of the twelve elector candidates (who must be registered voters in Massachusetts) for each presidential candidate and vice-presidential running mate. Although only the names of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates appear on the ballot, it is the electors who cast the actual votes for president and who actually are elected in November.

Write-in candidates may also run, but only if their names and their slate of elector candidates have been filed by the required date for each state..

John Joseph Kennedy failed to get the signatures to get his name on the ballot. The "True Democrat" Political party helped him break some of the rules but he failed to notify 41 states of his intentions to run as a write-in candidate. According to the State Department in Washington DC his candidacy was invalid.

In Seattle, when questions arose about Mr. Kennedy's legitimacy, he became quite violent.

"... it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He became enraged and out of control.
We received filthy and vile letters reciting paranoid delusions but no mention of paying us back for all the money we loaned him. We were very scared at the time and filed a police report ...".

Like all of John Joseph Kennedy's endeavors, there is no basis in reality.  He has no background (or interest) in politics and like all the titles he has bestowed upon himself are nothing but a sham.

John Joseph Kennedy's Great Grandfather - Michael Francis Kennedy

John Joseph Kennedy created websites and web entries about his Great Grandfather ...

Michael Francis Kennedy - US Congressman.
Michael Francis KennedyA native Charlestonian, and part of the aristocratic Kennedy family bloodline of Tipperary, Ireland, Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy, Sr. was the son of landowners, John D'Arcy Kennedy (French Royal House of D’Arcy) and Caroline de Rodriques Kennedy (de Rodriques lineage from Caracas, Venezuela) of Charleston, South Carolina. A statesman and philanthropist, Congressman Kennedy was the first of the famous Kennedy family in American politics and the patriarch of the Kennedy's of Charleston clan. He served two-terms in South Carolina’s House of Representatives from 1882-1886 and, in his youth, was a Civil War Rifleman. Congressman Kennedy was County Accessor of Charleston County for 25 years, Real Estate Broker, Secretary-Treasurer of Hibernian Mutual Fire and Life Company and Director of Dime Savings Bank of Charleston. He was the Grand Dictator of the Knights of Honor of South Carolina, Grand Master of the Ancient Order of Workman, President of St. Patrick's Benevolent Society, State President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and a member of the Irish-American Historical Society of New York. In 1882 he organized and attended the Irish Land League in Philadelphia, Pa. to protect the personal and tenancy rights of poor Irish immigrants, especially in New York and Boston. He was married to Margaret Hand Butterly Kennedy of New York City and was the father of eight children including Dr. Michael Francis Kennedy, Jr., Congressman Patrick Henry Kennedy I, Charleston, S.C., Dr. Josephine St. Bernedette Kennedy...He is the great grandfather of John Joseph Kennedy. (bio by: JJK)

He continues on another site ...
Mr Kennedy’s grandfather, Dr. Michael Francis Kennedy, Jr. was also a writer and wrote newspaper articles as a hobby. His father, Michael Francis Kennedy III, was a pioneer television producer and personality in the 1950’s staring in one of the first daily television talk shows, Michael Kennedy’s Platter Parade for NBC affiliate WKY-TV (now KFOR-TV). He also had his own radio programs for WKY Radio and KTOK Radio before venturing into the insurance business.


There is no record of any Congressman named Michael Francis Kennedy.  Many people have checked every session from 1855 to present in Wikipedia and there was nothing.

This is no royal family named D'Arcy from France.
Many people have checked the monarchy sites of France and it was not listed.  D'Arcy is actually spelled D'arcy (french) meaning dark (evil) or the dark one (boy's name).

There is no aristocratic Kennedy family from Tipperary, Ireland. There are no aristocrats in Tipperary.  It's a very poor area of Ireland (farming) that eventually become a military site.  The Irish were suppressed under British rule. Although some families did better than others, England would never allow an Irishmen (or Scotsmen) to be aristocrats. That's why so many came to America.

There is no record of Michael Francis Kennedy ever serving in the U.S. House of Representatives at any time.  Once again Wikipedia is great for this stuff.

He goes on to say that Michael fathered a Doctor & another Congressman of the 8 children he had.  Once again there is no record of a U.S. Congressman for South Carolina named Patrick Henry Kennedy.  As for the doctor, Josephine St. Bernadette Kennedy, this was a time when woman could not vote.  Most colleges and universities did not accept woman students. Only one school gave medical degrees to women in the 1800's and that was "The Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania".
According to the web site record, no Josephine Kennedy ever graduated from this institution.

There was no program called "Michael Kennedy's Platter Parade". I've been in touch with the Daily Oklahoman while investigating other John Joseph Kennedy allegations. The Daily Oklahoman owned the TV station in question and they pride themselves on the accuracy and quality of the WKY-TV Archives.

As for him having one of the first talk shows produced in the 50's, the Museum of Broadcast History claims ...

"Thus, the start of talk shows' golden age can be considered in 1948, even though the television wasn't common in American homes until the 1950s. From 1949 to 1973, nearly half of all daytime programming was talk shows."

This was found recently on

(from "History of South Carolina, Volume 5")

Michael Francis Kennedy, veteran real estate dealer, banker and fraternalist of Charleston, has been a resident of that city for three-quarters of a century, and many of his interests have made him widely known over the state and outside the state.

He was born on September 26, 1844 and acquired his early education in public and private schools. As a youth he worked as a printer in the office of the Charleston Courier. He served four years as a Confederate solider, beginning as a youth of seventeen and being connected with the South Carolina Troops as a member of the Jamison Rifles, under Capt. T.Y. Simonds and later in the Torpedo service, serving with the Eighth Battalion, South Carolina troops.

Mr. Kennedy entered the real estate and insurance business in 1879, organizing the firm of M. F. Kennedy & Brother, and for forty years has had office on Broad Street. He was elected in 1882 and served for years in the South Carolina House of Representatives.* Mr. Kennedy has served for thirty years as secretary and treasurer of Hibernian Mutual Insurance Company and has been a director of the Dime Savings Bank of Charleston since it organization for the Fourth Ward.

He served as Grand Dictator of the Knights of Honor of South Carolina, as grand master of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, a fraternal insurance order, is a former president of St. Patrick's Benevolent Society, and state president of the ancient Order of Hibernians, a member of the Irish-American Historical Society of New York, and is affiliated with the Barnett Rhett Camp of United Confederate Veterans. In 1992 he attended a Land League Convention at Philadelphia, taking an active part in the organization. He is a member of the Hibernian Society of Charleston, and also a member of the Knight's of Columbus, and has freely given of his time and resources to the welfare and advancement of his home city, For many years he has served as a vestryman in St. Mary's Catholic Church.

In 1867 he married Margaret C. Butterly, of New York. She died in 1912, the mother of eight children.

* Please note that he was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, not the U.S. House of Representatives which is why we were not able to find him.

He was never a congressman but more importantly, according to, he is not related to John Joseph Kennedy.
John Joseph Kennedy Propaganda