John Joseph Kennedy


John Joseph Kennedy Cease and Desist Orders

If you have received a Cease and Desist Notice from John Joseph Kennedy, you are in good company. John Joseph Kennedy has taken Cease and Desist Orders to a new and creative level.

John Joseph Kennedy makes no specific allegations or demands which is a requirement for Cease and Desist orders . He does not address any past relationships and makes it sound as if this were your first encounter with him. He fails to bring up any past indebtedness or even acknowledge any assistance or investment you may have participated in. But more importantly, John Joseph Kennedy makes wild accusations that have no logic or reason based in reality.

I spoke with the lawyer who assisted him and he explained that this was part of a "Pre-Paid Legal Service" in which you contracted to pay a monthly fee (about $25) for 1 year and a lawyer on their network will assist you in drafting a legal document, such as a Cease and Desist Order, several times a year. Kind of like the Auto Club.  He explained that he does not represent John Joseph Kennedy in anyway and just assisted him in drafting a letter ... which "he dictated".

I felt sorry for him because it was clear that the letter was unprofessional and lacked any legal ramifications and, I know he's never going to see that second monthly fee, either.

I also contacted a Ms. Karla Manners from a similar firm (Pre-Paid Legal) in Atlanta. She not only informed me that she did not represent John Joseph Kennedy but that John Joseph Kennedy was editing and copying the letter she originally drafted and was now sending it to those he wished to intimidate.

John Joseph Kennedy has gone to great lengths to appear he has an impressive, aggressive and intimidating "legal team". When in reality, he has defaulted on two different contracts with pre-paid legal services. On several occasions he has suggested he has the legal services of "the Kennedy Family" behind him but a call into Robert Kennedy Jr.'s office has told us that he has been threatened with criminal charges should he continue to associate himself with the Kennedy's of Massachusetts

Below are Cease and Desist Orders received by two of his victims in 2006 (PDF format). The names have been removed in order to maintain privacy. If you would like yours posted here, please
e-mail to

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Cease and Desist Order dated August 16th 2006 (PDF) - Name Withheld

I would like to add that the accusations in the above link are not only unsubstantiated but also incredibly impossible. Karla Manners has informed us that this is not the letter that was written.

Cease and Desist Order dated December 8th 2008 (PDF) - Name Withheld

Although the above links were written to two different people, it is strange how similar they are.  This one was addressed to several different people in order to save money and/or time.  They accuse the receiver of Identity theft and intellectual property theft ... among various other things. Considering the letters are three years apart, John Joseph Kennedy certainly has his story down.

Below are Cease and Desists via e-mail ...

On Wednesday, August 26th I received the below e-mail from John Joseph Kennedy.
This letter is similar to others he has sent out to people who confront him about money, his background, his life and is mild in comparison. When reading it please consider ...

Is this the writing of an Intelligent man?
Is this the writing of an educated man?
Is this a rational man defending his reputation?

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:45 PM
To: John Joseph Kennedy
My friends and business associates that you have hacked into and forwarded emails (etc.) before and after receiving the Cease & Desist Demand of August 26, 2009 have also reported you to Federal Authorities. We're as tenacious and patient as you are, and you WILL be brought to Justice!!!The more you stalk, steal and hack into our computers, emails (personal and business secrets & contracts), online sites, accounts and phones the longer will be your PRISON SENTENCE along with that 62-year-old broken down witch/ex-con and her unemployed lover!

The police warned you "every single count." So have fun!!!

Attached was this Cease and Desist Order

This is the first e-mail I've received from John Joseph Kennedy and it is my conclusion that this is the writing of a scarred, irrational person who has been confronted about his delusions and transgressions.  Not sorry about the lies he has told or the people he has hurt but very angry he got caught. No defense, No explanation and nothing to the contrary. These are the ramblings of a troubled man with absolutely no identity based in reality. His whole life is a lie. I have yet to find one shred of truth in any statement he has made on the internet or on his websites. The tone of the letter suggests that he has "caught me" when in fact, I've been quite open about the whole thing. I believe that John Joseph Kennedy is so used to hiding from people that he now believes everyone is in that state.

At this point all I can do is warn people. Don't give him any money. He has creditors all across the country looking for him about loans, unpaid apartments and hotel rooms, phone bills and services rendered and bad checks. He can't even get an apartment or checking account because his credit is so bad. Don't allow him to stay with you and your family because he has been know to get violent when confronted. Don't allow him to use your computer, he has gotten a few people in trouble and service disconnected from getting hostile on the internet, not to mention the things people found later, recorded on their hard drives from the pornographic places he visits.

* Note - "we" - not only are there delusions of grandeur, but apparently it seems there are multiple personalities as well.

I am posting the e-mails that I sent in reply. In response to thr cease and desist order that clearly lack any reasoning or rationale, I responded:

To: John Joseph Kennedy

I’m not really following this, please be specific. If this is about the John Joseph Kennedy Lies web site, please provide verifiable documentation and I will be happy to change any inaccuracies.

I might add that you have done your share of disagreeable posts about me and other people you have swindled out of money.

As your lawyer should have explained to you when my lawyer had your “” site taken down, There is a big difference between name calling (your sites) and sticking to the facts (my sites). In the future, I think it would be best if you contact me through your new attorney. I talked to Karla Manners and she claims she is not your attorney and has never been your attorney … another lie.

As for these other insinuations and delusions … I can’t take them seriously as I have not been a party to them and if I unknowingly have, I will need specifics.

 He then sent me the e-mail below ...

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:45 PM

You're so pathetic!!!! As are the sick evil bitches that have YOU doing their bidding!
You're an UGLY, GREASY FOOL!!!
Just like the rest of the FILTH you're associated with.

You know why YOU'RE the FOOL???? In the end YOU are the one left holding the bag! It's all on YOU, your servers (which we all know about), your IP addresses, your bogus "Microsoft" company, your endless email accounts including the ones you created with my deceased sister's identity, and your most recent one tonight: ( which you quickly created since I blocked all your others. This too will also be entered into the police and court records.

The police WONDERED how you did it, and so did we*, until we* found this is your "business", your MO....master manipulator of the Internet. WOW! Pretty amazing!!!!

and I replied ...

To: John Joseph Kennedy

I am proud to be associated with such esteemed company, as well as, the many others whom you have not listed but have contacted me as to your whereabouts. But, you still have not provided any facts in this situation … just irrational harassment. If you have a problem with anything I am doing, please be specific, otherwise, it is you that should stop contact me.

I invite anyone, including you, John Joseph Kennedy, to provide any proof to the contrary
of anything on this site and I will immediately post or correct the information.

By September, 2009, I was overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail I have received regarding John Joseph Kennedy. I still am shocked to see how many people have been taken in by this charlatan. Even more surprising was an e-mail, once again, from John Joseph Kennedy himself.

Once again, he does not refute any information given on this web site.
Once again, he offers no explanation as to the reasons why he has swindled so many people and once again, no apologies to the victims of his scams or the brutal attacks that follows. Just another irrational attack about something that has no merit, no facts and no common sense.

Here's the e-mail:

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, September 1, 2009 3:02 PM

My friends and business associates that you have hacked into and forwarded emails (etc.) before and after receiving the Cease & Desist Demand of August 26, 2009 have also reported you to Federal Authorities. We're as tenacious and patient as you are, and you WILL be brought to Justice!!!The more you stalk, steal and hack into our computers, emails (personal and business secrets & contracts), online sites, accounts and phones the longer will be your PRISON SENTENCE along with that [CENSORED] and [CENSORED].

The police warned you "every single count." So have fun!!!

The police have never contacted me. The FBI has never contacted me. The Security Team has never contacted me. The Bodyguards have yet to make an appearance. The non-existent lawyer hasn't contacted me. Either he is lying or his imaginary friends have have stopped playing with him.

I recently spoke to someone who was acquainted with John Joseph Kennedy in Southern California. Do I have to say that John Joseph Kennedy owes him money as well?

He was privy to John Joseph Kennedy's mood swings because of the medication he wasn't taking. Apparently, John Joseph Kennedy has been on some sort of medication that prevents these manic episodes that manifest from self-righteous delusions-of-grandeur and megalomania to severe depressions and insomnia, complete with self-loathing and crying fits. You would think that the depressions would bring out some sort of honest reflection, but no. The rants of John Joseph Kennedy's depression become darker and less palatable. Tales of CIA plots and scams against him, conspiracies of people getting into his papers, his stuff, his mind, even his computer (like the ones above), woven into stories of mind altering drugs, pornography, male prostitution and Satanism, ... among other things.

Most recently John Joseph Kennedy sent this ...

May 1, 2011

Sent Via Certified Mail, U.S. Mail and Email

Macklin Crux, et al
24 Madison Place
Stamford, CT. 06902


Mr. Crux, et al,

Please construe this communication as my notice and intention of filing a civil action against you and all other responsible persons.

By law before instituting such a civil action I may be required to provide you such notice. See for example Florida Revised Statutes 770.1. The defamatory and/or harmful materials appear at but not limited to, and/or

For years you nave been on notice and was requested to remove this intentionally harmful material and publications which include a host of copyright, and trademark infringement notifications.

You have failed, refused or neglected to remove these materials and have actively engaged in hosting the same after numerous advisements on the copyright and trademark infringements, along with the libel. The harm appears to be intentional, calculated and systematic. It is adversely affecting trade and commerce. This injury could constitute a civil conspiracy under federal or state law which may involve acts that implicate actions prohibited conduct under but not limited to, Title 18 USC 1961 et seq.

You may therefore be advised that you, et al., appears to have willfully participated directly or indirectly in the interference with trade and commerce (as "commerce" is defined in, but not limited to, Section 4 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45). See also Florida State Statutes where publications that are intended to harm appear to have been criminalized.

 (1) It shall be unlawful to print, publish, distribute or cause to be printed, published or distributed by any means, or in any manner whatsoever, any publication, handbill, dodger, circular, booklet, pamphlet, leaflet, card, sticker, periodical, literature, paper or other printed material which tends to expose any individual or any religious group to hatred, contempt, ridicule or obloquy unless the following is clearly printed or written thereon:

   (a)() The true name and post office address of the person, firm, partnership, corporation or organization causing the same to be printed, published or distributed; and,

   (b)() If such name is that of a firm, corporation or organization, the name and post office address of the individual acting in its behalf in causing such printing, publication or distribution.

   (2) Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the sections of this statute shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

ss. 1, 2, ch. 22744, 1945; s. 996, ch. 71-136.

Upon my numerous requests you, GODADDY, et al have refused or neglected to remove the offensive, infringing and unlawful publishing and has furthered the goals and objectives of the enterprise. These activities are systematic and calculated.

They were intended to cause damage in prospective business relations and other protected interest.

In Florida, a statement amounts to defamation per se if it accuses the plaintiff of committing a crime or imputes to the plaintiff conduct, characteristics, or a condition incompatible with the proper exercise of his or her lawful business trade, profession, or office. I, John Joseph Kennedy have no criminal record. Also in Florida, a civil conspiracy requires: (a) an agreement between two or more parties, (b) to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act by unlawful means, (c) the doing of some overt act in pursuance of the conspiracy, and (d) damage to plaintiff as a result of the acts done under the conspiracy.

I demand that you immediately:

(a) cease and desist your slander and libel, hosting and/or publication of the infringing articles or content posted on the web addresses provided, or any other blogs, sites or social media sites, or through any other written or spoken expression, including but not limited to emails, US mail, telephone(s) or any other electronic transmissions, and/or verbally, and

(b) provide the undersigned with prompt notice of the removal or taking down of the sites and written assurance the same will be forbidden within four (4) business days of this action.

There are also implied and expressed multiple torts, and other conduct involving copyright and trademark infringements, along with prohibited disclosure of business secrets regarding me and my endeavors.

The result of your actions have created, and continue to create, irreparable harm. Injunctive and declaratory relief is to be sought, among other matters in this civil action. The criminal complaints including but not limited to aggravated harassment, threats, cyber-stalking and various Internet crimes will be handled separately and in accordance with the law.

Please have your attorney contact me at their earliest opportunity to resolve this matter and inform me of your intentions by close of business May 12, 2011.

Thank you,

John Joseph Kennedy
4630 South Kirkman Road, #199
Orlando, FL 32811

Although this one seems a little more coherent than the previous ones, legally it really doesn't apply.  I did try and contact him, leaving a message on his answering machine.  He claimed I was trying to intimidate him.  Once again, he demands I take down the sites ... not a very realistic approach.  Once again he fails to provide specifics.  It's amazing how little this John Joseph Kennedy Presidential Candidate/Harvard Student/Journalist/Process Server knows about the law.

The difference between humans and animals is our capacity for remorse.
John Joseph Kennedy has never shown any remorse for the things he has done
or the people he has hurt.