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John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.

DECEMBER 27, 2009

John Joseph Kennedy created John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. for the expressed purpose to sell shares in "The Whale Magic Project".  Unfortunately, the corporation was never chartered to sell stock by the Texas Board of Securities.  John Joseph Kennedy never filed the appropriate paperwork which is a criminal offense.

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After selling stock to to as many as 80 investors over a 15 year period, on December 7, 2009, John Joseph Kennedy filed a dissolution of the corporation known as John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. (the "Corporation"). This dissolution may not be valid according to the Texas State Securities Board.

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I spent several hours speaking with the Texas State Securities Board - Enforcement Department about John Joseph Kennedy and learned some interesting facts.

Besides The Corporation not being authorized to issue stock. John Joseph Kennedy never filed the appropriate paper work with the Texas State Securities Board, John Joseph Kennedy, as president and director of the Corporation, never informed the shareholders or investors that he would dissolve the Corporation and only told them after the fact. According to Texas State Law, shareholders and investors must vote on such an action. This was not done which is also criminal offense.

John Joseph Kennedy continues to shop "The Whale Magic Project" which he claims is now "under new ownership and management." Legally, this property is owned by the original Corporation, its shareholders and investors. The transfer of assets from the Corporation without the consent of its shareholders and investors is not only a criminal offense, it is a Federal offense.

John Joseph Kennedy claims to have raised over 1.5 million dollars in assets which should have been distributed to its shareholders and investors at the time of dissolution. Any debts incurred by Mr. Kennedy without the express consent of the Corporation's board, shareholders and investors are the responsibility of John Joseph Kennedy.

Although, John Joseph Kennedy edited his Whale Magic Project website in order to cover his tracks, the original web files have been turned over to the Texas State Securities Board Enforcement Department.  Vista Print was kind enough to supply a backup copy of his original Whale Magic Project website.

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In addition, bylaws, annual reports, State and Federal tax returns were never filed by John Joseph Kennedy with the appropriate agencies, which is also a criminal offense under many juristdictions.

Investors and shareholders are extremely urged to file a complaint with the Texas State Securities Board - Enforcement Department regarding John Joseph Kennedy and his John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.  Click on the links below and submit your complaint with any evidence you may have. This evidence can be in the form of receipts (e.g. PayPal) or documents (e.g. e-mails, stock certificates, purchase agreements, etc.).

If you need any assistance, e-mail me at and either I, or one of the other shareholders or legal representative will assist you.

Below is a sample of a completed complaint form. This form has generic answers and can be revised to explain your specific circumstances regarding John Joseph Kennedy. Click on the appropriate format below:

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The Texas State Securities Board has begun a preliminary investigation regarding John Joseph Kennedy but they need your help. It is very important that you, as a shareholder or investor of the Corporation, file your complaint as soon as possible in order to expedite the investigation of John Joseph Kennedy and possibly bring about restitution in these matters.

If you wish to receive updates as to the status of John Joseph Kennedy and/or John Kennedy Enterprises, please send an e-mail to You will be notified about "each and every count ...".


The original websites have been retrieved for reference in these matters against John Joseph Kennedy. These sites include;, &  These were the original sites before they were recently edit or taken down so they can be referenced in your complaint against John Joseph Kennedy/John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.

Please e-mail me and I will send you PDF's of the original sites.
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