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Although John Joseph Kennedy started his campaign to sell stock in Whale Magic back in the 1990's it wasn't until 1998 that things began to happen in Wilmington, NC

Before that there were reports of him in San Francisco visiting his sister, Dallas Texas, West Hartford, CT, Los Angeles, CA (several times including the late 70's and 80's), Atlanta, GA, Providence, Rhode Island, Vancouver, Canada and eventually settled in Orlando, FL in 1998.

In the early 2000's John Joseph Kennedy left Wilmington, NC left for parts unknown with cash in hand.  It is believed that he made his way (with various stops) to California by 2004.  It was there he was living in a cheap motel before being rescued by supporters that sent him a plane ticket to Seattle, WA.

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Upon fleeing Seattle, John Joseph Kennedy, once again left for parts unknown with cash in hand.

In 2006, Greg Norman, owner of Universal 7 Radio fell hook, line and sinker for the "Kennedy" con and supported John Joseph Kennedy on his local and Internet radio programs.  In addition, Greg sponsored a huge party in order to find financing for his political campaigns and the Whale Magic Project, flying in all his friends and contacts from all over the United States.  It was Wilmington all over again.  Greg took a beating financial over John Joseph Kennedy.  He was ostracized by his friends and community for all the money that was lost and he eventually lost his home, his company, his radio station (Universal7) and his friends, all due to his association with John Joseph Kennedy.  The interview below is a pretty clear indication that Greg Norman believes he is related to the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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In Vancouver, John gathered support from Dr. Anne-Marie Evers. 

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She supported him on her radio show, actually helped him create Whale Magic Project accessories and propaganda, found investors and loaded him a considerable amount of money.  Her statement is below ..

Anne Marie Evers
Affirmation Doctor
Toll Free: 1-877-923-3476

To Whom It May Concern:
I met John Joseph Kennedy in October of 2000 when he approached me about becoming involved in helping him with his Children’s Program, Royal Critters and/or Whale Magic. I was very interested in his program as I, too, was working on several Children’s’ Affirmation Programs.
I created for Whale Magic a set of Trading Cards. These cards had positive Affirmations and the characters of Whale Magic would be spouting them. These positive Affirmations would encourage children to think positive and show loving kindness to everyone and all of God’s creatures. It was also an educational tool to teach children about the Whales. I wrote several Affirmation Children’s’ Stories for him to use in this program and more.

For my creative work John presented me with a Stock Certificate. I was very excited about the whole project and believed totally in it. John Kennedy was also very personable and persuasive. I truly trusted him and had him as a guest on some of my radio shows. What he promised share holders was a quick return on their money, updates, etc. etc.

I teach forgiveness and am involved in doing some forgiveness work myself around this situation. However I really have to say that I think it would be in the best interest of the Whale Magic Project, the shareholders and those involved to have John resign and another person and/or organization to take over the management and bring it to completion and to provide a way for shareholders to receive their monies back ‐‐ together with the return on their investment that was promised them.

With all due respect I was disappointed to never see any real completion of the project.
Some of the shareholders are Senior Citizens on limited incomes and never heard from John again. I did not invest any actual cash; however I did invest numerous hours in creating additions to the Whale Magic project, which of course results in money for my time and creations.
In the end, I load him money on several occasions and when I stopped he became abusive which was followed by nasty e‐mails.

Thank you for listening
Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Below, Dr. Anne Marie Evers Interviews John Joseph Kennedy for Christmas 2006

At some point after Seattle, WA, John Joseph Kennedy ended up in Atlanta, GA staying with a couple who happened to be psychiatrists.  They explained to me that they saw John Joseph Kennedy like a "text book case" of a delusional schizophrenic with the possibility of multiple personalities .

It was in Atlanta, GA where John Joseph Kennedy organized a group of film students to help produce and invest in Whale Magic Project.  Autumn Bailey (below) was listed as Media Coordinator on the Whale Magic Project site ....

Autumn Bailey

Hello to whomever this may concern.

I paid John Joseph Joseph Kennedy 500.00 by Western Union for a so called project called Whale Magic he claim to me that he was seeking money to raise for a project that he closed a deal on with Disney and just needed funds to make it happen. A guy name Vince Dillion introduce me to John and claimed that him and his father and a few others did the deal. So I trusted them and sent John a Western Union back in 2007 if I am not mistaken. John gave regular updates that started to die after I started to ask questions.

I even started to help him speak about the project and he gave me a few more shares at 500 a piece that totaled up to $2500 and he sent me a package with postcards and a stock agreement. He claims he was real and legit and people were just making up stuff about him and he knew I was a Christian women and used to pray on the phone with him.

Then he sent me an e-mail a few months ago.  I guess tired of me asking questions, claiming people are after him. I have not heard from him since I asked for my money back and making him aware I was on to him. He needs to be in jail for all his scamming and fraud and I want my money back. He is a liar and a fake and needs to be caught point blank.

Autumn Bailey

While in Atlanta and Orlando, John Joseph Kennedy was introduced to Moshe Daniel Block during the Annie Marie Ever (Vancouver)/Greg Norman (Rhode Island) days.  He writes ...

Moshe Daniel Block
Patricia Block
(514) 369‐9909

Wednesday, August‐11‐10

I first met John Joseph Kennedy in October 2006. I was introduced through Shelley Cates. She was his web designer. I got involved helping John Joseph Kennedy with his campaign for President 2008.

I also invested $5100 which was for 34 shares and my mother invested $5900 which was for 39 shares, each valued at $150 each for the Whale Magic Project. Our payments were made through Paypal to John Kennedy Enterprises Inc. / Tipperary Films.

The PayPal transaction ID for our payments were ‐ ID #0CY97196UB9373520 ‐ for my mother, Patricia Block's PayPal payment, mine was ‐ ID 7442946501977820

This payment was sent to this email ‐ PAYPAL under *ROYALWHALE
We were promised a return, at the very minimum, of our investments. In the agreement which we received for our stocks, it said that all shareholders had voting rights in the corporation of JKE inc. We never had a chance to vote on anything.

We were told that the Whale Magic had many interested parties, and studios in Hollywood, with famous actors prepared to do the voice‐overs. I vaguely remember the name of Angelina Jolie at the time, as one of the actors that was to do the voice over for one of the female whales. He shared artwork, and explained some of the story.

John Joseph Kennedy invited me to be a writer for an E‐Zine that was to be published quarterly. I was to write every issue and get paid for my work. This never happened.

He also promised that he would release bi‐annual reports of the Whale Magic Project. Since 2006, I have only received 2 of these emails on the updates of Whale Magic and John Kennedy Enterprises and the second one, sent on Dec 29th, 2009, stating that the company JKE inc was being dissolved. John Joseph Kennedy did this without any consent or voting on the parts of the shareholders, something which he had promised each of us in our signed agreements. He then went on to open up the Whale Magic Project privately, through other websites, and continues to operate the project while having just dissolved all connections with his previous shareholders, which he promised to return their investments, and also promised each of us voting rights. He also continues to solicit donations and investments in this Whale Magic project.

At that time, I was having regular meetings on the phone with John Joseph Kennedy and also, a few times, with Dr. Anne Marie Evers, the sweet old lady known as the affirmations doctor, who has been doing prayers and positive intentions for the world for 30 years.

John Joseph Kennedy begged both her and I at the same time for money, and said they were going to throw him out into the street. Though i couldn't afford it, I lent him an additional $2000 through PayPal ‐ with the US‐Canadian dollar exchange, this came to $2,404.31 . Dr. Evers gave him more than this, though I am not sure of the amount.

Then he turned on both of us and became abusive. He called her a Scum Bucket. He accused me of incest and called me other horrible, foul names, which he has continued to do in a public fashion.

On January 3rd, 2010 ‐ John Joseph Kennedy wrote me an email requesting peace between us. I said I didn't trust him and I would have to think about it, because he had already turned foul and nasty on me on a number of occasions.

He said, sure, he would wait. But not 2 days later, he released a foul abusive letter to everyone on his mailing list of John Kennedy Enterprises (this is AFTER he dissolved the company) accusing me of trying to steal the Whale Magic Project, accusing me of being a criminal, consorting with known criminals, who were all conspiring to steel his Whale Magic project. This was still while I was thinking about it. John Joseph Kennedy gave me no chance and for no apparent reason, switched from requesting "an olive branch" to accusing me of being a criminal.

Recently, John Joseph Kennedy sent me another abusive letter, which was the worst of them all, saying that I was "fucking my mother" and that we were both going to burn in hell. He also accused my friend of being a criminal. He did this as a reaction to finding out that we have been working to
bring him to justice so that he will stop his criminal activities, stop stealing from people, and then abusing them after they had given their time and money.

In 2011, via the internet and phone, John Joseph Kennedy enlisted the help of Elijah Saint  in order to recruit a whole stable of talent represented by Barbara Sobel or Sobel Promotion.

Through her contacts, John Joseph Kennedy had many of the musicians and singers believing movies were being made and deals we being finalized, promising payments and stardom.  It never happened.  John Joseph Kennedy actually tried to get the talented people to sign over their rights to the material they created but I am happy to say, they all did their own investigation of him (some of them contacted this site) and soon the real John Joseph Kennedy emerged complete with threats and nasty, vulgar e-mails.