John Joseph Kennedy


John Joseph Kennedy - Seattle, WA

In the Fall of 2004, John Joseph Kennedy claimed he was running for President and had very few supports.  Many had heard his claim to being a cousin to the late President Kennedy. Several people had heard of John Joseph Kennedy's campaign through their Vancouver connections and soon John Joseph Kennedy was on the phone and making friends.  Some were very excited about him because of his Kennedy association. He received support from two ladies who lived just outside of Seattle. Most people don't usually get involved with write-in candidates but once again ... the Kennedy association.

The Kennedy Name

In the Spring of 2005 they got a call from a friend that asked them if I they could help John analyze some dreams he was having about the death of his sister, Cecilia. They did this together with him.  He sent some emails to them about the dreams. Later that Summer, John Joseph Kennedy and the ladies finally connected in person. He said he was at the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. He talked about his Whale Magic Project and said his computer was broken and that he needed one to write and soon they loaned him a laptop. He told them about the Kennedy's, the late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, about his 11th hour presidential campaign and that he was out of money. They asked him about eating and he said he was eating baloney and he was sick.

He talked about his New Humanity campaign as well. He also said he couldn't pay his hotel bill. He asked them if they would be help him and be his manager and collect some money for him from Ray Ybarra, who he had worked with on a TV show. That took some work, but Ray finally paid him. I also spoke to the hotel's manager on his behalf and she backed off from having him arrested for non‐payment. Eventually, they invited him to Seattle so they could work on the Whale Magic Project, together, since he was looking for investors. He said that the project was in storage in Georgia and he owed $500.00 in arrears and he would lose everything in a few days. In the Fall of 2005, they loaned him money to pay his hotel bill, storage bill, cell phone minutes, buy food, a flight to Atlanta (including lodging and a car rental to pick up the project materials and his things), and then fly to Seattle. He wanted us to pay for a hotel here, but I told him he could stay at our home.

When they picked him up at the airport, according to them, "his clothes, the project and his New Humanity campaign were in large toilet paper boxes. He was fat and overbearing and reeked of a synthetic cologne he claimed to have made and was now try to market".  John Joseph Kennedy immediately began using their computer in the home office. The ladies organized the project which was a lot of work including trying to find investors. He said we could get funding if I would set up speeches for his New Humanity Campaign. They contacted their community and set up the first event. People from the event hosted another event. He also asked them to set up "Teas with Kennedy" to raise more money.  President Kennedy's mother, Rose Kennedy, did this for her son "Jack" when he was a Senator. One of the people from the first event spoke to one of their other friends and they set up an elaborate evenings of fund raising for him to speak and sign tea cups. All the while, he used their phone, computer and office. They drove him everywhere, they paid for
his dry cleaning, they bought and prepared food for him, they purchased materials for copying and printing, and manuals to present the "Whale Magic Project" to potential investors. One evening they all came home and he had set up a little theater show of the whale magic critters which turned out to be stuffed animals.

Meanwhile, things were breaking apart in their home. John Joseph Kennedy slept during the day (with a teddy bear) and was up all night on the computer. A few days after the second event, they got an email from him that was sent from "their" computer. He complained that I had brushed up against him, interrupted him when he was speaking to someone, "You didn't follow protocol and if his body guards were there, they would have been physically thrown you out of the event".  The events that "they" set up for him at "their" friends house. He also said he wouldn't be staying with us as other people in town wanted to support him. I asked him about the $5000 loan and told them they needed to also be paid for setting up the events and working for him. He gave them an IOU and said that he would repay the money "they contributed" to him. "Contributed???"  After receiving another hostile email they confronted him and John Joseph Kennedy began screaming at them in our own house and ordered them out (??? He ordered them out of their house). One of them slipped past him and ran for the telephone. She told him to get out and that she was calling the police. He packed his things and as he pushed the toilet paper box to the front door.

Once outside, someone picked him up. That someone was the friend who hosted the first event. That night he used her computer to send out nasty emails and a "cease & desist orders" to not contact my own friends who he now called "his associates". John Joseph Kennedy sent an email and a hard copy of another letter to their place of employment attempting to get them fired accusing them of theft.

Soon, they began receiving calls from people in the community who said they were ripped off, some of them had stopped payment on their checks, and many of them were receiving abusive emails, phone calls, and cease & desist letters. He harassed and threatened everyone who confronted him, went to the police stations in the Puget Sound area, and filed police reports against them. They also discovered pornographic chapters of books he posted on the internet to attract publishers. This was on his "JJK Enterprises" website. A woman filed a police report and contacted the investigators at
the King 5 news station in Seattle. They began an investigation for fraud. He eventually returned to Atlanta without being caught in the act in Seattle.

Since 2005, John Joseph Kennedy has accused these "supporters" (and many other investors and supporters) of unbelievable crimes, including being involved in the murder of his sister. He just included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to his list of criminals.  He posts raging, outlandish falsehoods and interviews on websites and blogs on the internet. As far as we know, he continues to file police reports in different states.  None of which are taken seriously.

They now believe, "John Joseph Kennedy is a psychoneurotic dangerous violent sociopath who needs to be in prison for a very long time."

Another lady from Seattle writes.

Suzanne Kincaid
{Address Removed]
(253) 253‐661‐7614

I met John Joseph Kennedy around Nov 2005 at a meeting held by a friend who invited us to hear him speak. He promoted running for president in the next election, his Whale Magic Project and Reality TV Show. He asked for donations for his presidential election and a hat was passed around to collect money. 

John Joseph Kennedy called me a few days later as did my friend who hosted the gathering and both invited me to be on a committee to help get his projects, fundraising and political agenda going.  That dissolved within a few weeks, however John Joseph Kennedy asked me to be an agent for him and sign a confidentiality disclosure agreement which I did. He had cards made with my name to pass out to help get funding for all his projects and arrange Tea Parties for donations for his president campaign.

We also began working daily via email and weekly meetings on the Whale Magic project started with a multi affiliate program to get exposure and looking for agents. as our primary focus.

I introduced John Joseph Kennedy to a friend who agreed to take him on as a client. She wanted $5,000 deposit which he never paid. We met for lunch at the Tower Club in Seattle to talk things over.

In December 2005 John Joseph Kennedy asked to borrow $3,000 and signed an agreement to pay me back in 6 weeks after his seminar he was planning in February of 2006. He had me make arrangements however, that was canceled in late January after he never produced a contact list of people to invite.

January 2006 John Joseph Kennedy held a meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel with people who were working on the Whale Magic project.  He needed another $5,000 immediately to pay some expenses when his funds were 'delayed' for various reasons. We worked for a couple of months on this project and had a lot of time and money invested so I lent him the funds. He signed a promissory note for the now $8,000 total and said he would pay it back after the February seminar (which was canceled late that month).

Soon thereafter, John Joseph Kennedy also needed money to pay the web designer who was at the hotel meeting and had the website half completed waiting for payment. He used my credit card to make the payment of $3,500.

Later that month, we held a Tea Party at a friend’s house in Mill Creek where John Joseph Kennedy  collected nearly $900 in donations for his presidential run and signed tea cups 'in honor of his beloved Rose Kennedy".

Right after this event, I became very suspicious John Joseph Kennedy was not who he claimed to be and was 'milking' people for money.

John Joseph Kennedy was supposed to next speak at a women's event arranged by the agent and sign tea cups but did not show.

I contacted the web designer and told her I was not paying for the website and she did not have my permission to use my card. She refused to speak with me and John Joseph Kennedy served me legal papers to stop contacting her.

I contacted King 5 News and gave a videotaped interview with them regarding John Joseph Kennedy's fraudulent practices to get money from people and that I believed he never really intended to do something constructive with the Whale Magic Project. He just used that and his illegal name association to con people into giving him money.

He became very belligerent and mean writing very nasty messages and contacting people I knew with the same type of messages.

These dates are approximate to the best of my recollection at this time.

Suzanne Kincaid