John Joseph Kennedy


Wilmington, North Carolina - 1999

No one really knows how or when the John Joseph Kennedy started "Whale Magic Project".  Copyrights were filed in 1991.  Before "Whale Magic", John Joseph Kennedy, showed promise as a confidence man but on a much smaller scale.  The e-mail below documents a more charismatic John that people seemed to really enjoy even though they were being taken advantaged of.

Received December 25th, 2009

Wow. Stumbled on this web site, googling around, talking to my friend who introduced me to this lunatic. It was 1979. I was living in West Hartford and my friend showed up for a job at the airline I was working for with this guy in tow. She knew him from Tulsa. They were coming back from Harvard. She took a bartender course and I think he had too ... a 4 week deal as they offered on some fun summer program. He was a total con man then. Entertaining as hell. Good looking but a bit heavy.... He had 46 photos of himself on the wall in the bedroom.

He was a roommate of mine for a few months. He was fun, crazy, a total liar and wrote us all bad checks. He tried desperately to get Kara Kennedy to call him back. She was attending Trinity College then . He may have got her once or twice but she never met him. she was on to him. He told me about some of his smaller cons ... amusing harmless stuff. In high school he had Hut club parties, he got into Studio 54 using other people's limos. He was larger than life but I always knew even then he was nuts.

Glad you put this together. What a shame ... He always felt inadequate.

Kathy Murray

Some things haven't changed.  There seems to be a "Bad Check" story from every major city John Joseph Kennedy has visited.  I think it was a friend of his sister, Cecilia, that told me about how he invited a bunch of Cecilia's friends to  dinner.  Cecilia was staying with a friend in Dallas and John showed up unannounced for a visit, invited Cecilia and her friends to dinner and then claimed to have lost his wallet.  When they returned back to the house he wrote a check to Cecilia's friend who covered the dinner plus $100 so he could have some cash in his pocket.  The check was written on a closed account.  Cecilia laughed it off but the friend is still pretty upset about it.

In 1999, John Joseph Kennedy was in Wilmington, North Carolina where he met Floyd Francis. In 1974, as a teenager, Floyd had a mishap with the law. After that, Floyd turned his life around. He inspired others and was (and still is) active in a local 12-step fellowship helping people with addictions. In 1994 Floyd was awarded a formal Pardon of Forgiveness by Governor of North Carolina. Floyd was well liked and well known in the community.

John Joseph Kennedy began attending the 12 step recovery meetings with Floyd, getting to know all of Floyd's friends and contacts. Everyone was quite impressed that a "real live Kennedy" was in Wilmington and soon he was being asked out for dinners and social events. At the AA meeting John started collecting bits of personal information that he would later use against people. Soon he was pitching everyone in town and claimed "The Whale Magic Project Movie" was almost finished. It starred "Tippy Hedren", "Joan Rivers" and "Dom Deluise". He only needed a few more shareholders before its release in just a few months. He personally guaranteed full returns on their investments within months. Floyd introduced him to many people who then introduced him to others. There were close to 30 investors. Then, John’s behavior suddenly turned erratic. Read how Linda Francis, Floyd's wife describes it below.

Linda Francis
3600 S. College Rd, E-141
Wilmington, NC 28412
Revised - April 9, 2012

My name is Linda Francis and I live in Wilmington, NC. I am writing on behalf of my husband, Floyd Francis and myself. In or around 1999 we invested $11,000 in a project called "Whale Magic" with a man who called himself John Joseph Kennedy. Kennedy claimed to have a corporation in Texas and sold stock to us. John had animation clips for a TV show and a glossy presentation which lent credibility to his endeavors. At the time, we believed it was a legitimate investment and introduced him to several of our friends, who also bought stock. My brother in law, Ronald Francis, bought stock and also lent Kennedy $15,000.

Floyd made a short term loan to John some cash as well, and asked for it back after a few weeks. After that, John’s behavior changed. He stopped returning calls and began accusing Floyd of trying to steal his “project” He defaulted on the loan from my brother in law and returned mail that Ronald sent unopened, and covered with profanity scrawled on the outside of the envelopes. Subsequently, in what we think was an attempt to create a smokescreen and cover himself, he accused us of trying to steal the project and of threatening and stalking him.
Kennedy filed false legal charges against my husband for "stalking", and we went to trial. After the charges were dismissed, he disappeared. For years later he posted defamatory comments on his websites in an attempt to deflect blame and responsibility to us and other “investors” whom he had swindled.
John Joseph Kennedy had already been known to make up stories about people threatening him, serving as a convenient excuse for him to keep his address secret and make it impossible for us or others to serve him with legal papers and/or judgments. Ronald has a judgment against him for the loan in default, Click here to see Ronald’s letter.

Two years ago we became aware of Max’s website, and learned that John Joseph Kennedy was back at his swindling game and soliciting new "clients". We saw that he had also resumed publicizing false, defamatory information about me and my husband, in the form of letters to “stockholders” and on his own website, and threatening publicly to have us arrested. He claimed to have gone to the FBI, etc. to report us. I contacted the Wilmington Police and the Wilmington FBI office and there was no record of such a report. It did lead to a fruitful discussion with the FBI agent in charge of Internet Fraud investigations. We have discussed it with our attorney and have not yet ruled out legal action. We would like to see him charged and tried for his crimes (if he can ever be found) and restitution made to his victims.

We know that Kennedy’s accusations toward us, and others, are his transparent way of trying to deflect blame and responsibility for his actions I have updated this letter and given permission for Max Crux to post it again on his website with the hope that it will help someone avoid the pain and suffering Kennedy inflicted on us and countless others.

Thank you
Linda Francis

What Linda Francis fails to mention is that John Joseph Kennedy purchased a domain name using Floyd's name, posting a website to discredit him. That was one of the inspirations of this site.

When the shareholders began to ask questions, John Joseph Kennedy became very aggressive. He hired a bodyguard (with shareholder money), ended a shareholder meeting abruptly when they showed up (with their attorney), and filed charges against Floyd for stalking. He lied to the police claiming Floyd was trying hurt him and said he was at his house. The problem was that Floyd and about twenty other Antique Bottle Club Members were at an excavation dig that whole day, and witnesses testified that Floyd couldn't have been where Kennedy said at that day and time. The charges were dismissed.

John used the money to finance a lavish beach front apartment. Several days after the trial John Joseph Kennedy disappeared.

Ned Beasley
1075 Tuttle Rd., Rural Hall, NC

I first met John Joseph Kennedy through Mr. Floyd Francis, on Sat. Nov. 13th, 1999. My brother Terry Beasley was with me along with Floyd. To the best of my recollection, there was a man and woman couple there as well but I do not recall their name or where they were from. Present that day as well was Beth Arnold. John Joseph Kennedy said she was either his secretary or project manager. Of this I am not definite. But she was there in that meeting as well. We met John Joseph Kennedy in an apartment that I believe to have been his on Wrightsville Beach, NC. John unfolded the Whale Magic project to us that day through a presentation of pictures, a small slideshow and supposed signed documents by Dom Deluise, Tipper ? and Joan Rivers. It was explained by John Joseph Kennedy that these "stars" had agreed and had signed on to do the voice‐over for some of the characters in the Whale Magic project. As a result of this presentation my brother and I bought 1 share each at a cost of $3000. Three days later, I bought another share at the same price for a total of $6000. My check dates and numbers for these 2 transactions are:

11‐13‐1999 Chk # 2562 Payee: Tipperary Films Amt. $3000.00
11‐16‐1999 Chk # 2563 Payee: Tipperary Films Amt. $3000.00

I believe, but am not definite of the date that John Joseph Kennedy had a shareholders meeting the next fall (Fall 2000) on Eastwood Rd., Wilmington, NC at the Hampton Inn Landfall Park. He gave updates on the project and said that McDonald's had agreed to include the Whale Magic characters as small toys in their Happy Meals. He even had a few to show. Also, in this meeting he told us that he had a Canadian computer lab onboard to start with the animation process. He even showed pictures of the computers in the lab. He also showed us a small animated clip similar in graphics to a Toy Story or Ice Age character.

The next fall (Fall 2001), again this is approximate, John Joseph Kennedy had another shareholders meeting near the same area of Wilmington. This time it was at an office complex near Landfall which is located at the intersection of Military Cutoff Rd. and Eastwood Rd., Wilmington, NC. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this meeting. My brother and Jay Wrenn went. I got a phone call later in the afternoon from my brother saying that he was standing outside of the office and the meeting. I asked why he was out there to which he replied that John Kennedy had thrown everyone out that knew of or was associated with Floyd Francis no matter the degree. Jay Wrenn doesn't even know Floyd. I am the one that knows Floyd and I have for almost 30 years. My brother further told me that John Joseph Kennedy had law enforcement officers there that day to protect him. They were not allowed back in the meeting.  Any correspondence after that was by letter and that was very sporadic. John Joseph Kennedy suddenly became very hard to find. The website became sporadic. It was up and down and information there was hard to discern.

Ned Beasley

It's has been determined that Tippy hedren, Dom Deluise and Joan Rivers were never involved with John Joseph Kennedy.  The executive from McDonalds has never been found but I have found out that McDonalds has exclusive contracts with film distributors (i.e. Pixar, Disney, 20th Century Fox) not film companies.  These companies pay big money to make sure other people films don't muscle into their territory.

Terry Sanford Beasley
6218 Gilbert C Jones Road
LaGrange, NC 28551
(919) 921-1687

August 20th, 2010

John Joseph Kennedy had a project called Whale Magic and he was looking for investors. The investment price was 3,000 dollar a share. We meet at Wilmington, North Carolina in an apartment that I assumed belonged to or was being rented by John Joseph Kennedy. There were several people present such as Floyd Francis (friend of my brother), Beth Arnold (seem to be helping John Kennedy in some way), Ned Beasley (my brother), Terry Beasley, John Joseph Kennedy and another couple of people. John Joseph Kennedy presented Whale Magic in a very positive manner with slide shows, a proposed book, and pictures of each character he had developed and along with possibilities of movies, story books, stuffed animals and television series. John Joseph Kennedy reinforced the Whale Magic Project with comments from actors and actress the had reviewed the project, which made things seem all the better. I was impressed with John Joseph Kennedy and The Whale Magic Project and bought one share of stock for 3,000 dollars, which has been signed and has a notary seal at the request of John Joseph Kennedy.  The next meeting was the following year (2000) not sure of the date, but we are supposed to have a stockholders meeting at least once a year or so I understood. This meeting as I remember was also held in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jay Wrenn, Ned Beasley and I attended this meeting together along with a much larger group of people. John talked about how he had taken the Whale Magic Project to Canada because of the money exchange (I guess a dollar goes further in Canada, don’t know). John Joseph Kennedy gave an updated on the project and things seem to progressing nicely.  The next meeting was the following year (2001) not sure of the date, I was in attendance, Ned Beasley (my brother) could not attend. There was a law enforcement official or security guard at the meeting to protect John Joseph Kennedy, which seemed strange. Apparently there was some friction between John Joseph Kennedy and Floyd Francis (friend of my brother) henceforth the law enforcement official or security guard.

Those that were in attendance that either knew or know Floyd Francis or were associated with Floyd Francis through friends, relatives or in anyway were asked to leave the meeting room, which had a very large crowd in attendance. After the meeting, I was allowed to speak with John Joseph Kennedy briefly.

At one of the meetings John Joseph Kennedy introduced the shareholders to a representative that worked for the McDonalds hamburger chain and said they were interested in putting the Whale Magic Characters in there happy meals.

After 2001 there were not anymore stockholders meetings that I know of, and correspondence with John Joseph Kennedy has been non-existent.



Dr. Carol S. Ramsey, D.O., M.P.H.
Colonel (retired), United States Air Force
10868 Ouray Street
Commerce City, CO 80022
(720) 379-3517
(303) 956-5428

To whom it may concern:

Through friends Linda and Floyd Francis I was enticed to look into an investment opportunity put forward by John Joseph Kennedy called Whale Magic. At the time I was living in Baltimore Maryland, and then subsequently moved to San Antonio Texas. It seemed like an interesting opportunity, so I invested approximately $4,000 in the project in good faith. Of course, I realized that it was a unsecured investment, but I do not easily part with my money. It was in part because of Floyd's faith in the project and in John Joseph Kennedy that I decided to invest.  Floyd helped me to move from Baltimore to San Antonio, where I was taking an active duty position with the United States Air Force. During that time, he received multiple phone calls from John Joseph Kennedy regarding the project, and from what I could tell on the end of the conversation that I witnessed, Mr. Kennedy was pushing hard for Floyd to get additional investors. I witnessed Floyd talking to his brother about making further investments in the project. 

I never heard any updates on this project from John Joseph Kennedy, but then subsequently heard from Linda and Floyd Francis that John Joseph Kennedy had accused them of things that I knew not to be true nor characteristic of them. I further heard that he had never productively utilized any of the money that I, or anyone else had invested, toward the Whale Magic production.

Years went by, I ultimately declared the money a loss on my income taxes. I tried to find out more about John Joseph Kennedy, and found that he had websites on FaceBook and other social networking sites.  I found, however, that I was blocked from accessing those sites.

While I never met John Joseph Kennedy, after I received my initial stock certificates I never received more than one or two subsequent notifications about stockholders meetings. I never received any update on what the production company was doing. Basically, I just assumed that he had taken the money and run, and that I would never see it again. I really could find no redress for my lost money.

It is clear that this man, John Joseph Kennedy, took my money under false pretenses, implying that it would be used for production of a Whale Magic film series that would be marketed and which was expected to be sold for a profit that would be distributed to the initial investors. Instead it appears that he used the money for his own benefit, did not maintain communication with his shareholders, and in fact blocked communication attempts from me and other shareholders. I never saw an accounting of corporation expenses, and after the first several months never received any communication at all from John Joseph Kennedy.

It seems that John Joseph Kennedy has inappropriately used these funds without providing an accounting, and, of course, I would very much like to have my initial investment back if it is not going to be used for the artistic investment for which it was intended.

Dr. Carol S. Ramsey, D.O., M.P.H.
Colonel (retired), United States Air Force

Jay Wrenn
2728 Blanche Dr.
Burlington, NC 27215
336‐684‐0233 cell
336‐227‐5583 home

I was introduced to John Joseph Kennedy by Ned Beasley, who has been a best friend for many years. He was excited about this ground floor investment opportunity and wanted to know if I was interested. I trust Ned's judgment and
more or less told him that if he was in, I was in. I also told my brother to join us and he did. This was around January of 2000.

I was offered an initial time limited offer which expired on Feb 15th, 2000. So I sent $5,000 ($2500 for me & $2500 for my brother) by FedEx on the 15th and received a two for one deal (25 shares). I sent the payment to John Joseph Kennedy Enterprises ‐ Tipperary Films, LLC Att: Beth Arnold 15 Nathan Street #301 Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480. Telephone #'s I was given at the time were 604‐622‐6373 or 910‐452‐2421. I felt that this could blossom into something big someday.

I was told in the stock opportunity letter John Joseph Kennedy sent Jan. 15th, 2000 that "the exponential growth for our company after the third year is expected to generate a minimum of $10‐$15 million U.S. in annual net profits."I didn't give much attention to it for a while and then in May 2000 I think Ned told me that the last chance to buy original shares was now. My brother and I decided to add to our shares and sent another $5,000 for 12 1/2 shares each".

These original shares were the ones that would return all of your investment when it went into production and the shares would never be diluted.  Sometime later a month or two maybe more I went with Ned to Wilmington and met John Joseph Kennedy with several other people present. Not sure how many.....maybe 15‐20. We were shown a short video with music and it looked like Whale Magic was something real with actual animation. It wasn't great, but it was the initial stages....or so I thought.  There was a shareholder meeting in 2000 which I did not attend. Ned brought me back some materials from the meeting which included a glossy folder with a napkin embossed with "The Royal Critters", story board, pictures of billboards with caption "Whale Magic 3‐D TV" and a copy of "The Phoenix" from which included a front page article "Whale Magic Making Positive Waves".  I received an invitation from John Joseph Kennedy to "The Gift of Whale Magic" to be held December 15, 2000 from 6‐9 PM at Tipperary films, L.L.C. ‐ Landfall Business Center ‐ 1213 Culbreth Drive ‐ Wilmington, NC. I did not attend. RSVP # was 910‐256‐4348. This was described as a Press Conference/Holiday Soiree for The Royal Critters/Whale Magic Animation Project For Children ‐ December 15,2000.

I received a letter from John Joseph Kennedy on March 17th, 2001 which accused Floyd Francis of making copies of Whale Magic and that Floyd was trying to take out a multi‐million dollar life insurance policy on John Joseph Kennedy. I only met Floyd once when Ned & I went fishing on the Outer Banks of NC, but he didn't seem to be this type of person. He was what I would call a good 'ol boy and not nearly sophisticated enough to try something like this. This letter also said the shareholders meeting would be held on or before June 1, 2001.  I was notified by mail of the 12th Annual Stockholder's Meeting for John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc to be held July 27, 2001 at Hampton Inn & Suites at Landfall Park ‐ Turnberry Room ‐ 1989 Eastwood Rd. ‐ Wilmington, NC 28403 and I don't remember going to this meeting. I think Ned's brother was kicked out of this meeting because he was a friend of Floyd Francis.

I was notified by John Joseph Kennedy, August 28, 2002, of the 14th Annual Shareholder's Meeting. I was notified that it was being postponed for security reasons and that some shareholders had violated copyright & trademark laws.  The next time I received anything was December 1st, 2006. This was RE:Annual Letter to Shareholders ‐ John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. The letter wishes us well and then boasts of a very successful year with Hollywood Producers, screenplay writers, Major Production Company, illustrated children's books, public service announcements, global electronic magazine/website, and that he was going to run for President in 2008 as he had done in 2004.  This communication also included some high quality 11"x17" artwork of Whale Magic.

That is about all I can remember of my contacts from John Joseph Kennedy. I have kept every document he every sent me with the exception of a few early emails. I kept all letters, drawings, folders together preparing for success or for what this has recently turned into. I have been on friendly terms with John Joseph Kennedy up until this past December.  I found a website which confirmed my suspicions of John John Joseph Kennedy and I simply emailed him and asked him about the website and if the accusations were true. He then started accusing me of being a relative of Johnny Wrenn (don't know him). I told him I found the site on Google and wanted an explanation. He then wanted to call me and have a conference call to tell us about ex‐cons & organized crime that was stealing his Whale Magic Project.  I declined.  Then on Dec 23rd, 2009 I received an email which included a letter of December 7th, 2009 that the corporation had been dissolved. I then prepared a complaint with the Texas Securities Board and asked him one more time to tell me why I should not file my complaint. He cursed me and ceased communication.


Jay Wrenn
Burlington, NC
336‐684‐0233 cell

The graphics Jay Wrenn speaks of were done by artist Roberta Collier-Morales.  Funny that most of the creative work behind the "Whale Magic Project" was done by artist that were never paid for their services.  And it should be noted that those artists have retained the rights to their work.  To this day no one has every seen John Joseph Kennedy's contribution to the Whale Magic Project.